Borbas Surveying & Mapping

Borbas Surveying and Mapping, LLC works with major corporations, government agencies, and civil and environmental engineers to provide expert, accurate land and marine surveys and topographic maps. Our portfolio includes public and private projects from railways to highways and Superfund sites to green spaces.

The licensed professionals at Borbas conduct surveys and mapping projects in the energy and chemical, environmental, industrial, commercial, and government sectors—always with precision and great detail, using the most sophisticated equipment available.

Our health and workplace safety record is one of the best in our industry, a key reason why Borbas Surveying and Mapping has proven to be a superior subcontractor and reliable partner with the consultants, engineers, and government entities we work with every day. Our staff is highly trained and certified in critical OSHA, Red Cross, and other health and safety programs.

Our Company

Borbas Surveying and Mapping, LLC is registered with the federal government, is a registered New Jersey Small Business Enterprise and an Authorized Corporation of New York and Pennsylvania providing over 25 years of professional services. We are a highly motivated team of individuals, incorporating a high standard of education, experience and ethics with an emphasis on client satisfaction and safety.


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